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Plan B – Writing’s On The Wall

7 Mar

Plan B, Writing's On The Wall, music video, yourmusictoday
Always been a fan of Plan B, and his usual teamwork with director Daniel Wolfe. But it seems that Wolfe had no part in this video, and word on the street is that the visual was but together by the label with old b-roll footage. Impressed if that is the case.

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The Shoes – Stay the Same

14 Jan

The Shoes, Stay the Same, Daniel Wolfe, music video, yourmusictoday
Director Daniel Wolfe, who’s known for his great work with artist Plan B, directs a new video for The Shoes’ ‘ Stay the Same’. The video follows a young actor playing a desperate and schizophrenic man around town, who plays the part wonderfully.

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Plan B – Love Goes Down

18 Nov

Plan B, Love Goes Down, Daniel Wolfe, music video, yourmusictoday
Artist Plan B teams up with his favorite director Daniel Wolfe for ‘Love Goes Down’ in this Ed Sullivan inspired remake, with a little bit of a twist.

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Plan B – Recluse

18 Sep

Plan B and Daniel Wolfe come together for another project, this time turning what could be a simple music video, into a full-on movie feel.

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