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Rimer London feat. Cata Pirata – Put Your Gun Away

12 Jul

Rimer London, Cata Pirata, Put Your Gun Away, music video, Mr. Boonstra, Parra, your music today
Directors Mr. Boonstra and Parra teamed up together to create this new visual for Rimer London’s summer hit ‘Put Your Gun Away’. The video takes us through a world inspired by French synth-pop where Rimer London and Cata Pirata battle it out in a “carnival cut-out” by means of Parra’s iconic characters.

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Wolfgang Gartner feat. – Forever

6 Jul

Wolfgang Gartner,, music video, Forever, your musictoday
Here’s a video that dropped last week from electronica artist Wolfgang Gartner. He is joined by on his latest single ‘Forever’. The video was created by the Nabil Elderkin. Here’s a little more about the song via MTV:

“[The song] was originally just an instrumental track that I had made that I sent to my manager, and he thought it needed vocals so he gave it to Will and Will liked it. And the next day, we had a track back with a full vocal over it. It was just amazing. Didn’t need any work at all. Just threw it on top of the track and we got a single called ‘Forever.’ Completely spontaneous and accidental but it’s one of my favorite songs.”

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Ki:Theory – Holiday Heart

20 Jun

Ki:Theory, Holiday Heart, Animated, Music video, your music today
Ki:Theory’s animated music video for his new single ‘Holiday Heart’ brings a mechanical bird to life as it navigates through the sinister world.

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Dillon Francis & Diplo featuring Maluca – Que Que

19 Jun

Dillon Francis, Diplo, Maluca, Music video, Que Que, your music today

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Curry & Coco – Top Of The Pop

15 Jun

Curry and Coco, Top Of the Pop, We Are beauty, Electro, Music video, your music today

Directed by Othello Initiative

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Metronomy – The Bay

14 Jun

Metronomy, The Bay, David Wilson, music video, your music today
Britain electro-crew Metronomy drop a bit of an unusual video for ‘The Bay’, while making me want to take a vacation. Directed by David Wilson.

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Owl Vision – Deathstar

13 Jun

Owl Vision, Deathstar, David Strindberg, Johan Bring, music video, electro, your music today
A Little something to pick up your monday morning from Owl Vision for their track ‘Deathstar’. Is it friday yet?

Direction by David Strindberg & Johan Bring
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