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Radiohead – The King of Limbs (Live)

11 Jul

Radiohead, King Of Limbs, Live, music video, your music today

A couple weeks back I posted a live performance of ‘Staircase‘ that Radiohead did for BBC’s series ‘Live From The Basement’. Now the rest of the performance has surfaced on the net. Check out the rest of the album below!

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James Blake – Limit to Your Love (Live)

7 Jul

James Blake, Limit to Your Love, live, music video, Studio A, your music today
James Blake is one of those singer/songwriters that I actually enjoy his live recordings equally, if not more, than the actual studio albums. Here he is performing ‘Limit to Your Love’ live in Studio-A.

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Radiohead – Staircase (Live)

22 Jun

Radiohead, Staircase, Clive Deamer, Nigel Godrich, Live, music, your music today
Radiohead performs a new song titled ‘Staircase’ for Nigel Godrich’s live video series From The Basement. The band is also joined by Robert Plant drummer Clive Deamer. Check it out below!

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Arcade Fire – Sprawl II & We Used to Wait Live

17 Jun

Arcade Fire, Sprawl, We Used To Wait, Live, The Suburbs, Radio, your music today
Arcade Fire dropped in at a Chicago radio station a couple days ago to perform some altered arrangements for ‘Sprawl II’ and ‘We Used to Wait’. Am I the only one who can’t get enough of this group?

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Arcade Fire at Bonnaroo

13 Jun

Arcade Fire, Live, Bonnaroo, music, festival, yourmusictoday
Montreal indie rockers, Arcade Fire, made their debut this past weekend at Bonnaroo. Here’s a couple tracks that were recorded from their set list.

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Reggie Watts – Pancakes

1 Jun

Reggie Watts, Pancakes, Siruis, iphone, music
This is pretty amazing. Comic Reggie Watts makes a song about pancakes on his iPhone, live on SiriusXM’s “Unmasked.” Anyone know what this app is!?
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Battles – Wall Street (A Take Away Show)

23 May

Battles, Wall Street, A take away show, live, La Blogotheque, Nat Le Scouarnec, music video, your music today

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