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Ferraby Lionheart – Pocketknife

13 Apr

Ferraby Lionheart, The Jack Of Hearts, Manny Marquez, Pocketknife, music, video, your music today
A couple months back, Manny Marquez dropped a trailer for Ferraby Lionheart’s ‘PocketKnife’. After a little bit of time, the full official video is finally ready for us to enjoy!

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Ferraby Lionheart – Pocketknife (Trailer)

9 Feb

Ferraby Lionheart, Pocketknife, Trailer, Manny Marquez, music video, yourmusictoday
Manny Marquez drops a little teaser for his upcoming video for Ferraby Lionheart’s ‘Pocketknife’.

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Ferraby Lionheart – Me and Julio Down by the School Yard Cover

30 Sep

ferraby Lionheart perform a cover of Paul Simon’s hit in a wooded forest in Portland, Oregon. Directed and shot by Manny Marquez.

Top 13 Videos of the Summer (Top 6 Update!)

31 Aug

We recently dropped the top 13 videos of the summer just cover 7-13, check out the top 6 songs now!

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Ferraby Lionheart – Harry And Bess

4 Aug

Awesome new video from Ferraby Lionheart off their newest record Jack Of Hearts. The Video includes the story of Houdini and one of his many illusions/tricks, with some help from Rainn Wilson and a well-equipped mustache.

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