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Arcade Fire – Scenes From the Suburbs (Short Film)

26 Jun

Arcade Fire, Scenes From The Suburbs, Short Film, The Suburbs, Spike Jonze, music video, your music today
Legendary director, Spike Jonze, has finally released his latest short film entitled ‘Scenes From The Suburbs’, inspired by Arcade Fire’s album The Suburbs. The short film is set to release on August 2nd, as part of a deluxe reissue of the album. BUT, you can check it out here courtesy of the good people at Mubi. This just took my Arcade Fire obsession to a whole new level.


Arcade Fire – Sprawl II & We Used to Wait Live

17 Jun

Arcade Fire, Sprawl, We Used To Wait, Live, The Suburbs, Radio, your music today
Arcade Fire dropped in at a Chicago radio station a couple days ago to perform some altered arrangements for ‘Sprawl II’ and ‘We Used to Wait’. Am I the only one who can’t get enough of this group?

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Arcade Fire at Bonnaroo

13 Jun

Arcade Fire, Live, Bonnaroo, music, festival, yourmusictoday
Montreal indie rockers, Arcade Fire, made their debut this past weekend at Bonnaroo. Here’s a couple tracks that were recorded from their set list.

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Arcade Fire & Chris Milk – Summer Into Dust Trailer

25 May

Arcade Fire, Chris Milk, Coachella, Creators Project, music, documentary, your music today
Here’s a cool little trailer for Chris Milk’s Creators Project, where he showcases his hand in Arcade Fire’s Coachella performance, which included hundreds of massive white balls with LED’s in them.

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Coachella Recap 2 – Kanye West, Arcade Fire, Interpol

18 Apr

Kanye West, Arcade Fire, Interpol, power, lost in the world, bon iver, wake up, lights
Here’s a couple more videos from the weekend from Kanye, Arcade Fire and Interpol.

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Arcade Fire – My Heart Is An Apple (2002)

14 Apr

Arcade Fire,My Heart Is An Apple, 2002, Montreal, Live, music video
Here’s a bit of a throwback for ya. Big tymers Arcade Fire, performing at a house party in Montreal, all the way back in 2002. Not the greatest quality, but enjoyable nonetheless.

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LCD Soundsystem & Arcade Fire – North American Scum

5 Apr

LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire, North American Scum, Madison Square Garden, live, performance, music
The biggest news in the music world this past week was definitely LCD Soundsystem’s final show at the Gardens. After apparently selling out in record time, the band stepped on stage on Saturday night and performed for their last time ever. Here’s a clip of ‘North American Scum’, where they are joined by Canadian rockers (yeeeeaaaah) Arcade Fire!

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