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Pepper Rabbit – Harvest Moon

8 Jan

Pepper Rabbit, Harvest Moon, David Altobelli, Alex Disenhof, music video, yourmusictoday
Take a trip into the windows of the unknown… Pepper Rabbit intertwine a cool interactive art show into their new video for Harvest Moon. Directed by Alex Disenhof and David Altobelli.

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Sia – Im In Here

2 Dec

Sia, Im In Here, David Altobelli, music video, yourmusictoday
Some amazing and very haunting shots in Sia’s new video for ‘Im In Here’. Directed by David Altobelli who directed another great video earlier this year.

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Phil Selway – By Some Miracle

9 Sep

Phil Selway with the help of director David Altobelli interprets his song By Some Miracle. With a main character who ventures on to the top of a roof, with only a brick and some rope, but doesnt seem the get the ending he wanted.

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