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Director’s Spotlight : Andreas Nilsson

8 Nov

Andreas Nilsson, director's spotlight, yourmusictoday, interview

Andreas Nilsson has been on the scene for almost 10 years now and has been pumpin out dozens of music videos for a huge amount of artists that include Yeasayer, MGMT, The Knife, Moby, and Depeche Mode. Andreas’ artistic and musical background has obviously helped him out in the video world and you can notice this through his luxurious and colorful camera work that seems to perfectly fit each individual song and video. We took a glimpse into his foreign world to try and figure out what’s really behind these amazing videos we’ve been fortunate enough to be an audience for.

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Director’s Spotlight : Behn Fannin

25 Oct

behn fannin, director, interview, yourmusictoday

Behn Fannin isn’t your average dude. He seems to have his hand in every type of visual stimulation I can think of. When he’s not making music videos for the likes of Tera Melos or Panic! at the Disco, he’s actively participating in an on-going comedy group; and then I’m guessing after a couple of shot-gunned Redbulls, he sits down and works on his feature films. Basically, the guy is an absolute animal. We somehow managed to catch up with him and tried to pick his fast-paced brain.

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Director’s Spotlight : Kris Moyes

18 Oct

kris moyes, interview, feature, director's spotlight, yourmusictoday

Kris Moyes has been killin it ever since he started directing videos in 2005. Working with artists like Franz Ferdinand, Beck, Cut Copy and countless more, its easy to say that Kris Moyes is one of the favorites in the world of music videos. Throughout his career, he has picked up a couple of awards along the way (Australian Dance Music award for Best Music Video, ARIA award for Best Music Video in 2008) for his exceptional work with the Presets’, aaaaaaand he also just recently won another ARIA for Sia’s “Clap Your Hands“! We caught up with him to sift through his brain.

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Director’s Spotlight : Terri Timely

11 Oct

terri timely, interview, feature, director, ian kibbey, corey creasey

Terri Timely isn’t your average director… first, because it isn’t just one dude, but two, consisting of Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasey. Second, the combination of these two talented directors has put out some of the best videos of the year. But enough from me, lets hear a little bit from them.

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Director’s Spotlight : Nathan Boey

4 Oct

nathan boey, director, interview

Next up in directors chair is visual genius, Nathan Boey. Most recently directing Paper Lions “lost at War”, he seems to have a knack for capturing a songs essence and complimenting it in the perfect way. But it doesn’t stop with music videos, he has created a prominent career in directing commercials, most notably for Nascar and the Bank of America. We caught up with him to ask a couple questions and pick his brain a bit.

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Director’s Spotlight : Vice Cooler

1 Oct

vice cooler, interview, director, hawnay troof, xbxrx

With so many wicked music videos being released these days, we thought we would take a little time to appreciate the people on the other side of the lens – the guys with the vision and ideas – the great directors. We’ll be asking these guys a bit about their past and what they’re all about. First up on the list is none other than Vice Cooler.
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