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Koudlam – Sunny Day

30 May

Koudlam, Sunny Day, Jamie Harley, music video, your music today
Director Jamie Harley created this visual for Paris-based crew Koudlam, with their track ‘Sunny Day’. The video takes footage from a Scientology movie titled The Way to Happiness.

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Clams Casino – Gorilla

26 Apr

Clams Casino, Gorilla, David Copperfield, Jamie Harley, music video
Jamie Harley is back at it again, this time snaggin some clips from a old David Copperfield performance and using it for Clams Casino’s ‘Gorilla’.

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Jeremy Jay – Caught In A Whirl

3 Mar

Jeremy Jay, Caught In A Whirl, Jamie Harley, Dream Diary, music video, yourmusictoday
Jamie Harley doesn’t seem to sleep, as he drops another video this week. This time creating a visual for Jeremy Jay’s ‘Caught In A Whirl’.

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Keep Shelly In Athens – Hauntin’ Me

1 Mar

Keep Shelly In Athens,Hauntin' Me, Jamie Harley, music video, yourmusictoday
Another great visual from Jamie Harley, this time putting together a video for Keep Shelly In Athens ‘Hautin’ Me’.

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How To Dress Well – Suicide Dream 1 & 2

11 Feb

How To Dress Well, Suicide dream, 1, 2, Jamie Harley, music video, yourmusictoday
Jamie Harley has created two more visual’s for How To Dress Well. In the first clip, ‘Suicide Dream 1’, it appears that he’s slowed down(and reversed) a burning mans plunge into a mass of water.  The second visual captures a female character as she takes us on a disturbed emotional journey.

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Memory Tapes – Today Is Our Life

28 Jan

Memory Tapes, Today Is Our Life, Jamie Harley, music video, yourmusictoday
Jamie Harley creates a video for Memory Tapes’ ‘Today Is Our Life’. Always a pleasure to see Jamie’s work.

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Evan Voytas – Tomorrow Night We’ll Go Anywhere

24 Jan

Evan Voytas, Tomorrow Night We'll Go Anywhere, Kate Moss, Jamie Harley, vogue, music video, yourmusictoday
Here’s a video for Evan Voytas’ ‘Tomorow Night We’ll Go Anywhere’ from Jamie Harley’s collection. The video stars Kate Moss and is part of the project ‘Editing Kate‘.

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