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Ferraby Lionheart – Pocketknife

13 Apr

Ferraby Lionheart, The Jack Of Hearts, Manny Marquez, Pocketknife, music, video, your music today
A couple months back, Manny Marquez dropped a trailer for Ferraby Lionheart’s ‘PocketKnife’. After a little bit of time, the full official video is finally ready for us to enjoy!

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Ben Ballinger – Astoria

25 Mar

Manny Marquez, Ben Ballinger, Astoria, Live, church, music video
Manny Marquez has been known for his brilliant live visuals. This time he teams up with Ben Ballinger in a decommissioned Catholic Church to present a visual for ‘Astoria’.

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Ferraby Lionheart – Pocketknife (Trailer)

9 Feb

Ferraby Lionheart, Pocketknife, Trailer, Manny Marquez, music video, yourmusictoday
Manny Marquez drops a little teaser for his upcoming video for Ferraby Lionheart’s ‘Pocketknife’.

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Ghostwriter – Smoke and Diesel

7 Jan

Ghostwriter, Smoke and Diesel, Manny Marquez, music video, live, yourmusictoday
Ghostwriter delivers a nice live solo performance with help from director Manny Marquez, who also worked on Ferraby Lionheart’s recent live video. The video features Ghostwriter in the middle of a wooded area with nothing but a homemade foot-percussion device, hollow-body guitar, harmonica, and banjo.

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Ferraby Lionheart – Me and Julio Down by the School Yard Cover

30 Sep

ferraby Lionheart perform a cover of Paul Simon’s hit in a wooded forest in Portland, Oregon. Directed and shot by Manny Marquez.

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